Uncover Ontario: Thrilling Things to Do in March Break 2024

Exploring Ontario During March Break 2024

March Break 2024, a week of wonder, waiting just around the corner. Ontario, known for its vibrant diversity, presents an array of unique experiences. From bustling cities to serene parks, the province promises an adventure, an escape, a discovery in every corner. So let’s investigate into the treasures Ontario offers this season.

Top Cities to Visit

Firstly, aim your sights at Ontario’s top cities. Spectacular skylines mixed with cultural heritage, these cities are brimming with excitement.

  1. Toronto, the most populous city, boasts attractions such as the iconic CN Tower, with its revolving restaurant 181 floors above the ground, and the Royal Ontario Museum, home to over six million artefacts.
  2. Ottawa, Canada’s capital, offers the stunning Rideau Canal – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During winter, it transforms into the world’s largest naturally freezing outdoor skating rink.
  3. Hamilton lures with its thriving arts scene, exemplified by the famed Art Gallery of Hamilton, hosting more than 10,000 works.

Don’t miss Stratford, celebrated for its Stratford Festival, a major Canada’s arts festival showcasing Shakespeare’s plays, if given the chance. These cities, each with their own persona, are guaranteed to captivate you.

Natural Attractions and Parks

Secondly, venture into Ontario’s wealth of natural beauty. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just enjoy a stroll in beautiful surroundings, the province offers an abundance of natural wonders.

  1. Niagara Falls, a jewel on the border separating Ontario from New York, offers relentless, awe-inspiring power. Come evening, a symphony of lights bathes the falls, crafting a visual treat you won’t forget.
  2. Bruce Peninsula National Park, a paradise for hikers, captivates with its turquoise water and limestone cliffs. Here, the endangered massasauga rattlesnake dwells among the vibrant and diverse plant life.
  3. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario’s first provincial park, is perfect for canoeists with its countless rivers and lakes. In autumn, it explodes in a fiery show of reds, oranges, and yellows – a spectacle in itself.

The pure exhilaration of witnessing a wild caribou herd in Pukaskwa National Park or the breath-taking sight of Thousand Islands National Park during morning mist – Ontario’s natural beauty does not disappoint.

Family-Friendly Activities

March Break 2024 in Ontario beckons with offers of thrilling escapades for family members of all ages. Here, we’ll jump into some family-friendly activities, merging fun with learning through educational experiences and outdoor adventures.

Educational Experiences

Ontario isn’t just about its natural and urban beauty. It’s also a powerhouse of educational opportunities for children and adults alike. The educational experiences you could explore during March Break 2024 span from scientific discoveries to historical insights.

  • Royal Ontario Museum: Here, kids witness dinosaurs, meteorites, bats and so much more. It’s home to six million items, spanning natural history and world cultures!
  • Ontario Science Centre: This spot lets you immerse in hundreds of interactive exhibits. Feel an earthquake, navigate a lunar base, or climb through the rainforest in a day!
  • Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum: It’s a haven for aviation enthusiasts. See more than 40 military aircraft dating back to WWII, and some aircraft even offer a ride!

Outdoor Adventures

Looking to fuse family time with a shot of adrenaline? Ontario outdoor adventures are the answer! From trekking through lush forests to taking to the water, the choices are abundant.

Cultural Highlights of Ontario

Marvel at the richness and diversity of Ontario’s cultural scene during the 2024 March Break. The region boasts a vibrant blend of museums, galleries, and theatre performances that speak volumes about its rich history, artistic prowess, and enchanting musicality.

Museums and Galleries

As an art enthusiast, Ontario’s impressive gallery scene lets you feast your eyes on classical and contemporary artworks. Engage in a visual dialogue at the Art Gallery of Ontario, home to an extensive collection ranging from the 13th century to present day.

Immerse yourself in the remarkable universe of indigenous art at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, it’s unique among cultural institutions. Noteworthy too is the Ottawa Art Gallery, housing the largest public collection of works from artists in the Ottawa region.

When it comes to museums, don’t bypass the Bata Shoe Museum. You’d find the exhibition of footwear throughout history fascinating. Mark a visit to the Canadian Museum of History too. With its vast collection of artifacts, it offers an in-depth look into the country’s historical journey.

Theatre and Performances

Ontario’s theatre scene reflects its dynamic cultural ethos. Delight in seasoned performances at the globally acclaimed Stratford Festival. It showcases Shakespearean plays, musicals, and contemporary dramas. The Shaw Festival too gets a special mention, as it’s devoted to playing works by George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries.

“If music be the food of love, play on,” as Shakespeare once said. Toronto Symphony Orchestra harmonises with this sentiment, offering musical narratives that captivate the heart. Dance lovers, on the other hand, can catch spellbinding ballet performances at the National Ballet of Canada.

Relish these cultural highlights of Ontario during March Break 2024, and you’ll get a testament of why this mesmerising province holds a dear spot in many a traveller’s heart.

Sporting Events and Activities

Shifting focus from the cultural panorama, let’s explore Ontario’s sporting scene during March Break 2024. Known for its spirited competitive scene, Ontario offers an array of sports events and activities that cater to every age and interest.

Ice Hockey Matches

Canada’s beloved sport, ice hockey, claims the first rank in popularity. The National Hockey League holds multiple matches during March. Pay a visit to the iconic Scotiabank Arena in Toronto or the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, and immerse yourself in the passionate rivalry, if ice hockey games align with your interests.

Rock Climbing Adventures

Seeking a physical adrenaline rush? Consider engaging in rock climbing. Indoor climbing venues like Toronto’s Basecamp Climbing and Ottawa’s Altitude Gym take safety seriously, providing adults and kids alike the chance to test their strength and strategy.

Nature Hiking

For those who prefer a tranquil, leisurely activity, nationwide parks propose nature hiking paths. Forest trails in the Algonquin Provincial Park or the Bruce Peninsula National Park charm hikers with their untouched beauty and diverse wildlife.

Ensure every detail of your March Break 2024 journey is included in the itinerary, working in some cultural explorations, sporting experiences, and, of course, relaxation.

Culinary Delights and Local Cuisine

Ontario isn’t merely an exciting destination for art and sports. It’s also a tantalising treat for the palate. After you’ve ticked off the museums and sports arenas, satiate your taste buds with a tour of the province’s finest dining venues.

Savour Signature Dishes

First on the menu, journey through the culinary world with Ontario’s signature dishes. For example, Peameal Bacon, often hailed as Toronto’s signature dish, isn’t one you’d want to miss. Second, taste buttermilk pancakes covered in 100% pure maple syrup. After all, no trip is complete without sampling authentic Canadian food.

Explore Farmers’ Markets

Next, Ontario’s farmers’ markets, exploring through rows of fresh produce and homemade treats, lets you immerse yourself in the local food scene. For instance, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto offers a variety of food, from locally caught fish to fresh baked bread.

Wine and Dine in Vineyards

Finally, visit Niagara’s world-renowned wineries. Here, you can sip fine wines in idyllic settings, topping it off with a gourmet meal at vineyard restaurants. It not only presents a feast for your taste buds but also a visual spectacle, making it a must-experience for the March Break.

So, while planning your Ontario itinerary for March Break 2024, remember to leave some room in your schedule (and your stomach) for these culinary delights.


You’re all set for an unforgettable March Break 2024 in Ontario. You’ve got a well-rounded itinerary that promises cultural immersion, sporting thrills, and gastronomic adventures. You’ll be exploring museums and galleries, cheering at ice hockey games, and hiking through Ontario’s stunning landscapes. Your taste buds are in for a treat too, with Peameal Bacon, buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, and local wines on the menu. Remember, the farmers’ markets and Niagara wineries are calling your name. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience Ontario like never before. Make this March Break one for the books!

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