Discovering Navan, Ontario: The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do

Exploring Navan, Ontario: Top Attractions

Navan, known for its countryside charm, presents an abundance of must-see attractions. Nestled amid Ontario’s sprawling landscapes, this quaint town serves up enticingly diverse experiences. Unlock heritage themes, escape in rural tranquility or engage in outdoor activities – Navan presents something for everyone. So, what’s on the must-visit list?

Experience the Countryside Charm

Firstly, open your senses to Navan’s countryside appeal. This rural gem offers a refreshing break from city hustle with its picturesque scenes. Imagine rolling hills, verdant fields, and nature trails right for a leisurely stroll. Fancy cycle rides? Grab your bike and traverse the Ontario Paths of Pioneers, a scenic bike route that cuts across Navan, presenting stunning vistas.

Also, treat the foodie in you to Navan’s local flavours. Countryside fairs, an integral part of Navan’s culture, offer a delicious spread of homegrown produce.

For the animal lovers, Navan houses a variety of family-friendly farms. The popular Maple Hill Urban Farm, home to various animals, even allows for fantastic animal interaction opportunities.

Uncover the Historical Sites

Next, investigate into Navan’s rich ancestral past. Visit the Navan Fairgrounds, home to the annual Navan Fair, a celebration of its rural heritage with events rooted in its agricultural past. But, that’s not all.

Head to the iconic Domes, three interconnecting wooden domes showcasing a unique architectural style. To quench your thirst for history further, uncover the mystery behind the once-thriving Navan Lime Kiln ruins.

Don’t forget to stop by the Fairbairn House, an impressive heritage building erected in 1838. Today, it serves as a museum displaying various artefacts and educating visitors about the local history.

Exploring Navan, with its eclectic mix of attractions, ensures you’re never short of things to do. It’s time to embrace the charm, savour the culture, and uncover the historical wonders of this Ontario town.

Outdoor Activities in Navan

Consider your search for outdoor activities in Navan complete. This charming town offers exciting opportunities for fun and adventure while embracing the beauty of nature.

Enjoy Walking and Cycling Routes

Prevailing as go-to pastimes, Navan’s walking and cycling trails personify its world. The paths, woven through the scenic countryside, appeal to both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking a leisurely trek.

  • Prescott and Russell Trail: Running 72 kilometres from east to west, this flat multi-use corridor boasts of a gravel surface, making it ideal for walkers and cyclists alike. As it passes through varied sections of Navan’s countryside, fresh air and spectacular views become your constant companions.
  • Capital Pathway: Another gem in Navan’s crown, this pathway network expands over 220 kilometres. An integration of pristine beauty, culture, and heritage, it propels you towards the heart of Navan.

Remember, when choosing a route, consider the trail’s complexity, your ability and endurance. Always respect the environment while enjoying the trails, leaving no trace behind.

Visit Local Farms

If you’re up for a day of country charm, local farms in Navan should fill your itinerary. They present a unique experience, where you not only explore but also learn about farming and livestock breeding practices.

  • Proulx Maple and Berry Farm: Pay a visit to this farm, and you’ll find yourself immersed in activities from picking strawberries to exploring maple forests. An additional delight comes when you treat yourself to their homemade maple syrup.
  • Maple Hill Urban Farm: Promising a perfect family-friendly environment, the farm allows you to meet and greet animals and be a part of chicken coop workshops. It’s a wholesome way to spend quality time with family, particularly children, shaping a new perspective on farming.

Here’s a tip: Prioritize weekdays to pay your visit, avoiding the occasional weekend crowds to have a more personalized experience.

Take full advantage of these outdoor activities in Navan. Ensure you wear suitable outdoor gear, carry water, and brace yourself for an adventure like never before. With a pack full of memories and a heart full of joy, you’ll find that the charm of Navan is unmatched. Investigate into this experience and live the serenity of the countryside, right in the heart of Ontario.

Family-Friendly Activities in Navan

In the heart of Navan, Ontario, there’s no shortage of family-friendly activities that’ll keep you and the children thoroughly entertained. Brace yourself as you’re about to jump into a world of fun right here in Navan.

Explore Public Parks and Playgrounds

Outdoor fun comes naturally in Navan, particularly with an array of public parks and playgrounds on offer. The large play areas in Ben Franklin Park cater to kids of all ages. Boasting modern equipment, it provides a safe and stimulating environment. Equipped with sports courts and a splash pad during the summer months, this park offers year-round entertainment. Fondly referred to as Navan’s gem, the play areas are nestled amongst mature trees, providing ample shade on hot summer days.

Meanwhile, Andrew Haydon Park redefines picnic spots with an expanse of green spaces complemented by the stunning Ottawa River backdrop. Wild geese sightings add an element of excitement for younger visitors. Your visit isn’t complete without trying luck at the Carleton Heights Curling Club, with its free curling sessions geared towards beginners.

Educational Farm Tours

Getting up-close and personal with farm animals serves as a perennial hit with children. Educational farm tours not only offer a hands-on experience but also enlighten young minds about caring for animals and the significance of sustainable farming practices.

Maple Hill Urban Farm stands out with its diverse animal roster ranging from horses, goats, chickens, to peacocks. Children can enjoy feeding and petting these friendly creatures under the watchful eyes of the farm owners.

Another noteworthy mention is Proulx Maple and Berry Farm which transforms into a hub of activity during the maple syrup season. Tractor-drawn tours around the sugar bush, witnessing the process of syrup-making, taking part in a pancake feast – it’s a delightful sensory experience! Here the children learn that their favourite pancake topping begins its journey, not at the supermarket, but from the maple trees.

Both these venues respect animal welfare and prioritize visitor safety, ensuring a fantastic learning and entertainment platform for families.

Local Events and Festivals

Navan, Ontario isn’t just about outdoor activities and farm tours. This little town brims with excitement, especially when it comes to local events and festivals. Let’s investigate into Navan’s vibrant community spirit and see what else you can experience during your visit.

Participate in Seasonal Festivities

Navan’s calendar is chock-full of seasonal festivities. As winter unfolds, strap on your snow boots for the annual Winterlude Festival. In the heart of the snow-kissed world, Winterlude transforms Navan into a winter wonderland, showcasing ice sculpture competitions, snow games, and skating parties.

Once the frost thaws, colour returns to Navan with the Tulip Festival in spring. Besides celebrating the blooming tulips, the festival hosts interactive arts and craft sessions, engaging walks around tulip fields, and traditional food vendors — embodying Navan’s ethos.

Bask in the sun’s rays during the summer months and let the lively atmosphere of the Navan Fair take over. Integrate into the life of the locals by participating in the cornucopia of traditional games, suggestive of a rural heritage.

In autumn, Navan’s Pumpkin Inferno takes centre stage, offering pumpkin carving demonstrations along with a dazzling display of thousands of hand-carved pumpkins that line the historic pathways.

Discover Local Markets and Fairs

Apart from the numerous festivals, Navan also impresses with an array of local markets and fairs. Sundays in Navan call for a trip to the local Farmers’ Market. Here you can sample an assortment of farm fresh produce, delicacies from local artisans, and browse through a variety of crafts and homemade items, reiterating the town’s commitment to sustainability.

Fairs such as The Navan Arts and Crafts Group Christmas Show exemplify Navan’s artistic flair. They offer a platform for local artisans and crafters to exhibit their works. Pottery pieces, jewellery, quilts, paintings—every item tells a tale of this community’s rich culture.

So, pack your explorer’s spirit when heading to Navan and get ready to be immersed in a variety of exciting local experiences. These striking events and bustling markets not only provide a feast for the senses, but they also form bonafide evidence of Navan’s lively spirit and endless charm.

Culinary Delights of Navan

After basking in the seasonal spectacle of Navan’s festivals and absorbing its artistic vigour at local markets, immerse yourself into the gastronomic gems this quaint town offers. Navan’s thriving culinary scene, teeming with local flavours, homemade goodies, and outstanding bakeries, undoubtedly, deserves exploration.

Savour Local Cuisine

Eating is believing when it comes to Navan’s local cuisine. This town reverberates with restaurants serving soul-satisfying food; it’s almost impossible to resist their unique flavours. Places like Tubman’s Resort and The Red Dot Café, known for their mouth-watering home-cooked meals, are treasure troves of Navan’s local gastronomy. Tubman’s, for instance, offers the country’s best Poutine, making it a must-visit. The Red Dot Cafe, on the other hand, captivates food lovers with its hearty breakfasts, soups, and sandwiches. If you’re a fan of seafood, the locally sourced fish at The Black Walnut Bakery are worth the plunge.

Indulge in Bakery and Homemade Goods

The whiff of freshly baked goods lingering in Navan’s air is intoxicating – it’s impossible to ignore. Top-tier bakeries like the Black Walnut Bakery and Séraphin Marion’s Homemade Baked Goods take baking to a whole new level. While the Black Walnut Bakery is famous for its naturally leavened, hearth-baked bread and delectable pastries, Séraphin Marion’s is a hit among locals and tourists for its wide array of homemade jams, preserves, and baked goodies. Drop by these bakeries, and you’re sure to leave with an armful of baked delights and a satiated sweet tooth.


You’ve now got a taste of what Navan, Ontario has to offer. You can soak up the countryside charm, immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit and partake in the town’s seasonal events. Don’t forget to visit the local markets and fairs, where you’ll find a commitment to sustainability and a showcase of artistic prowess. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the local flavours and homemade goods from Navan’s top-notch bakeries. So why wait? It’s time to start planning your Navan adventure and experience all the delights this charming town has in store. With its mix of outdoor activities, community events, and gastronomic treasures, Navan is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

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