Uncover Hidden Gems: Top Things to Do in Belwood, Ontario

Exploring Belwood: Top Outdoor Activities

Belwood, Ontario, it’s rich in both its natural beauty and adventurous opportunities. This segment emphasises on the vast portfolio of outdoor activities available in this picturesque village.

Enjoying Belwood Lake

Belwood Lake, it’s a must-visit for every tourist. Hosting an array of watersports activities, such as canoeing, kayaking and fishing, this splendid freshwater reservoir presents exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in fun-filled aquatic endeavours. During summers, tourists engage in paddle boating while the winters witness a surge in ice fishing enthusiasts. Environment and Climate Change Canada confidently asserts that Belwood Lake’s health and biodiversity, coupled with its recreational scope, define it as a prime outdoor adventure spot.

Hiking Trails and Nature Walks

Belwood’s natural reserves unfold numerous trails and walking paths for those who relish countryside hikes. An iconic one being the Elora Cataract Trailway that traverses scenic patches of Elora and Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. Approximately, a 47-km stretch, it features panoramic landscapes, abundant wildlife and vibrant wildflowers. Equally captivating is the Belwood Lake Conservation Area that boasts a 2.5 km loop trail, you’ll find it ideal for leisurely walks or jogging. According to Ontario Trails Council, the rich diversity of wildlife and the sounds of chirping birds resonate with nature lovers, adding a therapeutic dimension to these hikes.

Remember, a trip to Belwood, Ontario, is incomplete without exploring these outdoor activities that simultaneously provide adrenaline rush and serene connections with nature.

Historical Sites in Belwood

Taking a deep jump into Belwood’s past, it boasts so many historical sites that give you a glimpse into its rich cultural heritage.

Visit the Belwood Heritage Museum

A mandatory stop for history buffs, it’s the Belwood Heritage Museum. Nestled in this quaint village, the museum presents a unique collage of Belwood’s past. Showcasing a variety of artefacts, it traces history dating back to the 19th century. Exhibits include tools of the early settlers, vintage photographs, and items from the original Belwood church. Interestingly, the museum itself is a part of history as it was once the town’s old schoolhouse back in 1874.

Exploring Local Architecture

Belwood takes pride in its local architecture – a picturesque sight for architects and casual spectators alike. For example, witness the grandeur of the century-old homes, their sturdy construction, characterised by the use of local stone, clay brick, and woodwork. A noteworthy landmark includes the Belwood Hall, a Romanesque Revival building erected in the late 1800s, and the Old Post Office, another iconic example of classic Victorian style. Together, these sites brilliantly encapsulate the architectural narrative of Belwood over the centuries. Let’s not forget, these timeless structures serve as living testimonials of the craftsmanship of the time.

So, in your next visit to Belwood, make sure you get lost in its history. After all, understanding the past is key to comprehending the present.

Family Fun in Belwood

Putting Belwood’s picturesque landscapes and rich history on the side for a bit, let’s take a plunge into the fun-packed activities this quaint village has in store for families!

Belwood Mini-golf and Amusements

A trip to Belwood isn’t complete without a visit to the famous Belwood Mini-golf and Amusements facility. Here, you’ll find an entertaining mix of classic and creative mini-golf challenges suitable for both children and adults. Hoisting golf clubs that match your height, you can navigate terrain filled with twists, turns, and even playful obstacles. To clarify, expect tricky windmills, sneaky bridges, and pesky sand traps.

But it’s not all about mini-golf. There’s a smorgasbord of other fun-filled activities to quicken your pulse, from bumper cars whizzing around, to go-karts darting along slick tracks. You can even hone your batting skills in their fully automatic batting cages, delivering baseballs and softballs at various speeds.

Picnicking at Belwood Park

For a more relaxing family outing, the idyllic Belwood Park serves as a perfect spot. Nestled amongst the lush Ontario world, this park offers ample space to spread your picnic blanket and enjoy a delightful family meal alfresco.

Belwood Park, with its expansive green spaces and well-maintained play equipment, promises a day full of smiles. Play fetch with your family dog, engage your kids in a friendly game of soccer, or simply catch up on your favourite book beneath a shady tree. For bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, don’t miss the chance to spot a selection of local bird species fluttering around the park.

Culinary Delights in Belwood

Belwood, Ontario, isn’t just about outdoor adventures and historical landmarks, it also holds a charm for food enthusiasts. Its range of local eateries and craft beverages lure you with their uniqueness and authenticity.

Local Eateries and Their Specialties

Belwood’s culinary scene boasts local establishments cooking up a storm. They serve dishes that delight the palate and warm the heart. A must-visit place is the Belwood Super Snax, famous for their fish and chips. Locals and tourists alike swarm this joint for its mouth-watering fare, served hot and crisp. Also, patrons highly recommend the homestyle breakfast, vouching for the perfect omelettes and bacon cooked to perfection.

The Old Marina Restaurant is another gem lets, it offers a panoramic view of the beautiful Belwood Lake. The succulent dishes featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients include the best of the region’s produce. Customers rave about the Million Dollar Burger – a mouthful of joy, and the P.E.I mussels, which maintains its delicious freshness.

Sampling Belwood’s Craft Beverages

After satiating your hunger, you could set off on a tasting tour of the local craft beverages. The Elora Brewing Company welcomes beer aficionados with quaint aesthetics and a robust selection of craft beers. Each beer maintains a unique taste, achieved through innovative brewing techniques. Ensure you ask for a sample of ‘Three Fields Lager,’ a crowd favourite, praised for its smooth flavours and clean finish.

For wine lovers, The Cox Creek Cellars are just short drive away from Belwood. Offering a variety of wines sourced from handpicked grapes, they also give visitors a closer look at the wine-making process. The premium ice wine is a must-try, hailed for its sweet yet balanced taste.


You’re never short of things to do in Belwood, Ontario. It’s a place where outdoor adventure, historical exploration, family fun, and culinary delights seamlessly blend. Whether you’re paddling on Belwood Lake, hitting a hole-in-one at the mini-golf, or savouring the local cuisine, there’s something for everyone. The village’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its historical sites, while its parks and green spaces offer a tranquil retreat. And let’s not forget the craft beverages that add a unique flavour to your Belwood experience. So, whether you’re planning a family trip or a solo adventure, Belwood awaits with its captivating charm and array of activities. Why wait? Start planning your visit today and discover the hidden gems of this quaint Ontario village.

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