Uncover Brockville Ontario: The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do

Exploring Brockville’s Rich History

Unfurling the world of Brockville’s history presents opportunities for intriguing discoveries. Quaint heritage edifices, echoes of its industrious past, and museums studded with historical artefacts attest to the city’s yesteryear grandeur.

Visit the Brockville Museum

Immerse in this city’s rich past and vibrant heritage at the Brockville Museum. It’s an ideal place to begin your historical sojourn. Housed in a charming 19th-century building, the museum is a repository of stories from the city’s industrious beginnings.

You’ll explore a wide range of exhibits chronicling the local history of Brockville. From its shipbuilding roots to its prominence in cable manufacturing, the museum covers it all. A standout is ‘From Carriage to Car,’ chronicling Brockville’s intriguing journey from producing Canada’s first automobiles in a converted carriage factory.

Explore the Historic Fulford Place

Swing by the opulent Fulford Place next. This grand Edwardian mansion, built in 1899, is a testament to the city’s industrial age affluence. The historic mansion offers glimpses into the lavish lifestyle of its original owner, George Taylor Fulford I, a self-made millionaire from the patent medicine trade.

Architecturally significant, Fulford Place enchants with its original artefacts, ornate decorations, and beautifully restored gardens. You’ll marvel at the stunning collection of European art and furnishings, and the stories accompanying them. It’s a slice of Brockville’s affluent past, frozen in time.

Each visit adds a layer to your understanding of Brockville’s history. Jump into these evocative reminiscences, etched in the buildings and landscapes, to truly appreciate the city’s intriguing journey.

Outdoor Activities in Brockville

Close on Brockville’s historical footsteps, it’s the exciting world of outdoor adventures that gets your adrenaline rushing, inviting you for heart-racing experiences. With its distinctive world and tranquil river setting, the city presents countless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse in nature’s splendour. Let’s unveil some enticing avenues for outdoor enjoyment in Brockville.

Discover the Brock Trail

Venture into the Brock Trail, your pathway to pure serenity amidst nature. This remarkable trail stretches over 6 kilometres, touching the city’s key landscapes, from the iconic waterfront to the green spaces of Armagh Sifton Price Park. On your journey, revel in the sight of wildlife, the soothing sound of leaves rustling, and the heartening chirping of birds. You get to experience nature in its purest form, as the trail impeccably preserved, with minimal human interference. A walk or a bike ride here, painted with hues of greens and blues, can turn into one of the most memorable escapades of your Brockville visit.

Experience Diving at Centeen Park

Not every city offers an aquatic wonderland right at its heart. Brockville boasts of Centeen Park, a popular spot known for its underwater sculpture park. Veteran or a rookie, the crystal clear waters of St Lawrence house an impressive collection of looking-glass artworks, enticing divers from across the globe. With over 50 life-sized sculptures, each dive unravels a unique tale, making the whole diving experience truly enchanting. Remember, safety comes first. If you’re a novice, a guided dive ensures you enjoy this extraordinary experience without a hitch. So, gear up for an unmissable diving encounter, as this water-filled odyssey promises unforgettable moments, bringing you closer to the wonderful marine life.

Arts and Culture Scene

Jump into the heart of Brockville’s cultural scene with a vibrant mix of galleries and performance arts that encapsulates the area’s rich artistic heritage. This town, known as the ‘City of the 1000 Islands’, isn’t all about biological diversity and underwater adventures. It’s also home to a lively arts scene that adds to its vibrant atmosphere.

Enjoy Performances at the Brockville Arts Centre

Start your cultural exploration at the Brockville Arts Centre, boasting top-notch performance arts. It’s renowned as one of the finest medium-sized theatres in Canada. Feature regular shows including music concerts, film screenings, theatrical plays and more, any art lover finds plenty to enjoy.

Picture yourself sitting amongst the audience, waiting in anticipation as the curtains rise. The lights dim, and the whole room fills with an invincible energy of creativity and performance. Experiencing a live show in such a captivating environment adds an exclusive edge to your trip to Brockville.

Remember, performances vary throughout the year, so it’s a good bet to check online for program details that coincide with your visit.

Explore Local Art Galleries

If visual art is more your style, Brockville doesn’t disappoint. It is home to numerous art galleries that showcase the works of talented local and foreign artists.

Take a stroll through the galleries of the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, where over 600 works of art awaits your perusal. Or, explore the Brockville Arts Centre’s gallery, where exhibits rotate, providing fresh artistic perspectives throughout the year.

Visualize yourself wandering through the different gallery spaces, inspecting each well-curated artwork closely. Each art piece tells a different tale, capturing your imagination while challenging your perspective.

Indeed, Brockville’s art and culture scene provides a vibrant mix of experiences, ensuring that your visit to the ‘City of the 1000 Islands’ is nothing short of remarkable.

Family Attractions in Brockville

Aquatarium: An Interactive Experience

For a fun-packed family day, a trip to the Aquatarium tops the list. It’s an educational, interactive and immersive experience right in the heart of Brockville. The Aquatarium presents a thrilling glimpse of the aquatic life that resides in the 1000 Islands region. Not just a typical aquarium, it offers adventure courses and interactive exhibits that engage kids and adults alike.

Families can get up close and personal with the native species of the St. Lawrence River. Think of river otters, turtles, and fish. The Aquatarium also houses interactive exhibits, showcasing the history, culture, and natural world of the region. Take the opportunity to dive under the St. Lawrence River— without getting wet— in the immersive underwater experience.

Mac Johnson Wildlife Area Excursions

Next up, indulge in some exhilarating outdoor adventures at the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area. Spread over 532 hectares, this conservation area forms a natural haven for wildlife. From extensive wetlands and fields to a mixed-forest and a scenic reservoir, it boasts diverse ecosystems.

One can explore 11 km of trails ideal for hiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, depending on the season. The trail showcases a myriad of bird species, providing excellent bird-watching opportunities. Have your binoculars at the ready! You might spot red-winged blackbirds, great blue herons, or even the occasional osprey.

With a designated picnic area and a reservoir perfect for canoeing or ice-skating, the Mac Johnson Wildlife area serves as an excellent outdoor retreat. It’s a place with outdoor fun for all ages, which would conclude your itinerary for family attractions in Brockville nicely.


So, you’ve got a taste of what Brockville, Ontario’s all about. It’s not just a city, it’s a vibrant world of history, nature, arts, and adventure. From exploring heritage sites to diving into the underwater world at Centeen Park, there’s no shortage of experiences to immerse yourself in. You’ll find the arts scene alive and pulsating, with galleries and performances that’ll leave you inspired. And for the family? Well, the Aquatarium and Mac Johnson Wildlife Area promise fun-filled days and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Brockville’s not simply a destination, it’s a journey of discovery. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore the ‘City of the 1000 Islands’. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

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