Uncover Hidden Gems: Things to Do in Frankford, Ontario

Exploring Frankford, Ontario: Top Activities and Attractions

Dive deeper into Frankford’s allure with these unique experiences. Here’s your go-to guide to the best activities and attractions in Frankford, Ontario.

Historical Sites and Museums

Get transported back in time as you explore Frankford’s rich history. The town’s vibrant past, laced with intriguing narratives, is evident in its well-preserved historical sites and museums.

  1. Frankford Tourist Park is a treasure trove of history. Once a site for many crucial events, it’s spanned by the Trent River, offering great views and noteworthy historical insights. Time stands still as you explore this quaint attraction.
  2. Quinte West Museum is worth a visit for its vast collection that reflects the town’s history. Exhibits feature a multitude of objects from Frankford’s past, including artefacts and photographs. A walk through this museum will feel like a history lesson, unraveling the town’s story bit by bit.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Frankford won’t disappoint you with its varied options. Spend your time here indulging in numerous rewarding and exciting activities in the lap of nature.

  1. Sager Conservation Area is a must for all nature lovers. Get ready to hike through mature forests, savour the breathtaking views from atop a drumlin, or watch as migratory birds make their way across the skies. Fall under the spell of its natural beauty.
  2. Trent River is an ideal hotspot for summer time activities. Kayaking, canoeing, or simply soaking in the riverside serenity, you’ve got it all on the menu. A day by the Trent can be an invigorating experience.

Remember, immersing yourself in Frankford’s charm involves more than just seeing—it means soaking up every bit of its vibrant energy. So, pack your bags and let the magic of Frankford take over you.

Note: Always respect the local culture, norms and regulations. Preservation of historical sites and natural habitats is essential. Let’s do our part to keep Frankford’s charm untouched for future generations.

Water Activities in Frankford

Boating and Kayaking

If you are in Frankford, you can’t afford to miss the fun-filled boating and kayaking experiences it offers. Quinte West is home to Trent-Severn Waterway, an epic 386 km-long canal route connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. Ideal for boating, it navigates through stunning natural landscapes, offering awe-inspiring views along its course.

Searching for a thrill? Hop in a kayak. Sager Conservation Area, with connections to Trent River, exhibits serene routes perfect for a tranquil kayak ride. Remember, always prioritize safety when kayaking. Ensure you’ve got the right protective gear and accessories, including a personal flotation device, whistle, waterproof bag for valuables, and a portable phone charger. Also, it’s important to check weather forecasts before your adventure, observing the speed and direction of the wind to plan your route accordingly.

Fishing Spots

Next in line, embrace the calmness with engaging fishing activities. Blessed with rich waters, Frankford is accommodating to both amateur and experienced anglers. Trent River, known for its diverse fish populations, is a popular spot among fishing enthusiasts. Species like Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Muskellunge are commonly found here.

Frankford Tourist Park is another great fishing location. Nestled near the heart of the town, it offers ample space for angling and picnicking, along with eye-catching picturesque views. Don’t forget to get a valid Ontario fishing license if you’re 18 to 64 years old, as it’s required for most fishing adventures in Ontario.

In this bounty of nature’s charm, Frankford offers an array of riveting water activities. Immersing in these recreational pursuits not only contributes to the local economy but also promotes respect for nature, aligning with the town’s commitment to ecological conservation.

Family-Friendly Activities

Following an exploration of the waterways and fishing spots in Frankford, your adventure shouldn’t stop there. Now, we’re steering tour focus to family-friendly activities that you can enjoy in this charming town of Frankford, Ontario.

Parks and Playgrounds

When it comes to family fun, parks and playgrounds are always top picks. The town offers several parklands, each bringing a unique aura of excitement and recreation.

First off, we have the Frankford Tourist Park, featured previously for its brilliant fishing spots. Its child-friendly zones include playground facilities, ensuring your little ones have a swell time.

Next is the famed Lions Park, known for its extensive playground boasting a variety of kid-friendly apparatus. The serenity of Lions Park also makes it an ideal spot for picnic outings.

Finally, don’t miss out on the Hannah Park. This park prides itself on having an expansive natural ice rink, transforming public skating into a fun family affair during winter months.

Seasonal Festivals

Frankford, Ontario, hosts a number of seasonal festivals that capture the town’s vibrant communal spirit and are a must-attend for families.

You can look forward to the Frankford Riverfest. Occurring annually on Victoria Day weekend, the Riverfest features an array of exciting activities including canoe races, fireworks, and live entertainment. It’s a truly joyous event that celebrates the Trent-Severn waterway’s significance which you learned about earlier.

Mark the calendars in November for the Frankford Santa Claus Parade — it’s a holiday celebration that fills the streets with a jovial atmosphere of festive floats, music, and the jolly old St. Nick himself. The children specially love this festive parade.

By engaging in these family-friendly activities, not only do you create lovable memories, but also contribute significantly to the local economy and community spirit of Frankford. Your Ontario adventure just doesn’t get better than this.

Culinary Delights in Frankford

A trip to Frankford offers more than stunning views and exciting activities—it’s home to a thriving food scene that’s certain to entice your tastebuds. From local eateries serving up homemade goodness to food festivals celebrating Frankford’s culinary talents, visitors can indulge in a variety of mouth-watering experiences.

Local Eateries

Frankford’s variety of homegrown restaurants and cafes offer a slice of the town’s culinary culture. Visit The Dappled Goat, known for its fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and enticing breakfast menu. They offer a spread of traditional and unique dishes. Their menu features classics, such as eggs benedict, and surprises, including apple cinnamon French toast. It’s the perfect place for a hearty morning meal.

Opt for a lunchtime visit at Pasta Tavola. This family-run pasta boutique and Italian Kitchen crafts artisanal, fresh pasta using local and imported Italian ingredients. They offer dishes such as ricotta gnocchi, spinach lasagna, and all manner of delicious ravioli.

After a food-filled day, unwind at Signal Brewery. This waterfront brewery overlooks the Trent River, providing an ideal setting for savouring craft beers produced right on-site. Their kitchen serves up locally-sourced comfort food, providing a gastronomic experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

Food Festivals

Frankford’s culinary scene extends beyond its local eateries and shines brightly during its food festivals. Such events showcase the region’s food production, emphasizing the importance of local sourcing and the artistry of chefs from all around.

Strawberry Lovers Weekend, held in June, celebrates the strawberry harvest, which is a staple in the agricultural community of Quinte West. This event offers a fun-filled day of hayrides, farm-fresh strawberry specials, and a variety of appealing strawberry-themed food.

The Frankford Island Blues Festival is another prime occasion. While primarily a music event, visitors can enjoy an assortment of food stalls featuring smoked meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. Delicious local brews and treats make this musical celebration also a feast for food lovers.

So, whether you’re a culinary explorer keen on tasting every dish, or just someone who enjoys a good meal after an exciting day of sightseeing, Frankford’s blend of local eateries and annual food festivals guarantees something for every appetite.

Shopping in Frankford

Following your forays by the waterfront, parks and the bustling local food scene, Frankford’s charm extends into its delightful retail options. Check out the vibrant shopping experiences you can jump into within and around this quaint Ontario town.

Unique Local Shops

Frankford houses a variety of unique shops sure to pique your interests. Imagine strolling along the charming streets, with every turn revealing indistinct storefronts that are anything but generic.

Exceptional among them is Doo Doo’s Bakery, revered for its scrumptious pastries and more so, its award-winning butter tarts. With 13 accolades under its roof, you’d be remiss not to give these treats a bite.

Also, embellish your adventure with a visit to Grills Orchards. It’s not just an apple farm; it’s a shopper’s haven. Rounding up local goodies from cheese to honey, their country market offers a bounty of choice Ontario products.

Nested in Frankford’s sister city, Trenton, is DeJa Vu Boutique. This upscale consignment shop delivers an eclectic range of high-quality apparel, making second-hand shopping an exciting pursuit in sustainability and style.

Farmer’s Markets

Expand your culinary horizons and embrace the farm-to-fork movement at the local farmer’s markets. These gatherings celebrate Frankford’s agricultural richness and help a direct connection between consumers and producers.

Your first pit stop, Quinte West Farmers’ Market, sits in Trenton. Operating from May through November, it’s a lively hub where local farmers’ produce, homemade baked goods and artisanal crafts integrate into an exciting shopping mosaic.

Closer still to Frankford’s heart is the Brighton Farmers’ Market. Open every Saturday from April to October, you’ll find a diverse offering that encapsulates the essence of Ontario’s harvest. From freshly-picked fruits and vegetables to homemade pies, it’s a market experience you’ll relish long after your visit.

Remember to pack a reusable carrier, buy responsibly and immerse in the community spirit that Frankford’s shopping scene imbues. Then, you’ll truly grasp why this small town holds a big place in the hearts of many.


So, you’ve discovered the allure of Frankford, Ontario. It’s a place where nature’s splendour meets small-town charm, offering an array of activities from boating to fishing, and park outings. You’ve learned about its food scene, where local eateries and festivals showcase the area’s culinary delights. You’ve also been introduced to the shopping experiences, with unique local shops and farmer’s markets promoting sustainable practices. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a nature lover, or a shopper, Frankford has something to offer. So why wait? Pack your bags, begin on your journey, and let Frankford’s charm captivate your heart.

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