Uncover the Best Things to Do in Huntsville, Ontario: A Complete Guide

Exploring Outdoor Activities in Huntsville, Ontario

After digging into Huntsville’s picturesque scenery and rich cultural world, let’s jump into its enticing range of outdoor pursuits. Strap on, as we’re about to begin on thrilling hikes and paddling adventures that’ll embed Huntsville in your memory for years.

Hiking at Arrowhead Provincial Park

You find Arrowhead Provincial Park, a jewel for hiking enthusiasts, located just north of Huntsville. It boasts a collection of 15 kilometres of picturesque trails, perfect for exploring the wilderness of Muskoka. Hike along the gentle Big Bend Lookout Trail, revelling in the panoramic view of the Big East River bending through a lush sea of green.

Alternatively, challenge yourself on the Stubb’s Falls Trail. Not only does it promise an exciting trek through dense forests, but it ends with a spectacular view of Stubb’s Falls. With its rushing waters cascading over rugged rocks, it’s a sight that makes every step worthwhile.

Canoeing and Kayaking on the Muskoka River

Trade in your hiking boots for a paddle as you navigate the serene waters of the Muskoka River. It’s a paddling paradise that throws a new vista around every bend. You can hire a canoe or kayak from one of the local providers, offering everything from day rentals to guided tours.

Let the river’s gentle currents guide you beneath arching bridges, past riverside cottages, and through the unspoiled natural environment. Take note of the abundant wildlife you’re likely to encounter, muskrats, herons, and perhaps even the occasional beaver. The peacefulness of the journey allows you a perfect moment to appreciate Huntsville’s captivating world.

Combine your passions for adventure and nature as you investigate into Huntsville’s outdoor activities. Whether you choose to trek its trails or paddle its waters, Huntsville offers unforgettable experiences that echo Ontario’s natural beauty. After all,Exploring Huntsville is not just about getting out there; it’s about immersing yourself during its charm.

Cultural Experiences in Huntsville

Having traversed the adventure-filled terrains of Huntsville, it’s time to investigate into the local art scene and immerse yourself in the cultural experiences town has to offer. Indeed, Huntsville resonates with vibrant artistic energy and encourages visitors to appreciate its artistic splendour.

The Algonquin Theatre Events

The Algonquin Theatre marks the cultural heart of Huntsville offering a variety of performances throughout the year. Serving as a hub for concerts, plays and film screenings, it encompasses a distinct creative charm that’s reflective of the town’s enthusiasm for arts and music. Noteworthy performances often include local productions as well as international acts, showcasing a diverse blend of talent.

Be sure to check the event schedule in advance for a grand experience. Remarkably, the theatre is also home to the Huntsville Festival of the Arts, a summer-long celebration of music, visual arts and performances. It stands as testimony to the art-loving community in this Canadian town, and never fails to mesmerize with its occupancy of 408 seats, each offering a unique perspective on the visual treats on offer.

Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery Tour

A unique avenue to further your artistic exploration in Huntsville is the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery. This outdoor mural collection celebrates the renowned Group of Seven painters, integral contributors to the Canadian identity through their depiction of the country’s raw, natural beauty.

The tour leads you through downtown Huntsville and its surrounding areas, featuring 90 mural replicas that exude artful expressions. The monumental scale of these murals means it’s hard to miss these colourful creations, even for a casual stroller. This walking tour not only allows you a glimpse of the artistic genius of the Group of Seven, but also gets you acquainted with the local history and landmarks, offering a dual benefit.

In essence, Huntsville’s culture explored through the Algonquin Theatre events and the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery Tour weaves unique pathways into its artistic side and lets you feel the town’s creative pulse. It’s an enriching experience that you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting this picturesque Canadian town.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Huntsville brims with family-friendly attractions. Afterwards, you’ve soaked in the town’s natural beauty and dipped your toes into its vibrant arts scene, it’s time to turn attention towards amusements that appeal to all ages.

Visiting the Muskoka Heritage Place

Attractive to history buffs and curious kids alike, Muskoka Heritage Place is hard to miss. It’s a window into the past, with an expansive collection of antiques and cultural artefacts. The place hosts a pioneer village, a vintage train ride, and an indigenous culture display. It shares the saga of Huntsville and Muskoka district from indigenous times till the steam engine era, providing a distinct mix of education and fun.

Consider the hours of operation. It opens in mid May and runs until Thanksgiving Monday in October. Ensure not to miss the train rides that run at strict intervals. Their popularity among visitors implies it’s better to book in advance.

Ice Skating at the Canada Summit Centre

Regardless of the weather outside, there’s always a chill time waiting at the Canada Summit Centre. Aren’t you enchanted by the thrill of ice under your skates? An indoor adventure, the arena offers year-round ice-skating facilities in a well-maintained and safe environment.

Check out their public skate hours. They alter depending on the day and season. Gear rentals available onsite give you the convenience to just walk in, strap up and start gliding. For safety, helmets are a must for kids under 18.

This section is a sample of the town’s rich offering. The slew of family-friendly attractions ensures that Huntsville always has something exciting for each member of your family.

Where to Eat in Huntsville

After engaging in all those outdoor activities and cultural exploration in Huntsville, you’re bound to have worked up an appetite. But don’t you worry – Huntsville has got your gastronomy needs covered. There’s no shortage of fantastic eateries in this charming town, varying from fine dining to casual and family-friendly venues. Let’s dig right in and explore the culinary world in Huntsville!

Local Cuisine Highlights

When in Huntsville, it’s wise to explore the local cuisine – a delectable mix of Canadian classics and international flavours. One iconic dish to try, undoubtedly, is the Canadian Peameal Bacon Sandwich, a true testament to Canadian flavours and culinary traditions.

3 Guys And A Stove, a locally sourced favourite in Huntsville, offers this delicacy. Their commitment? High-quality, local ingredients fused together to give your taste buds a treat. If you’re a seafood lover, they offer Ontario’s fresh water fish dishes that will make your palate dance with delight.

Another notable mention is Family Place Restaurant & Pizza. Known for the best pizzas in town, they’ve been perfecting their secret recipe for ages, using locally sourced ingredients to bring out that heavenly, authentic taste.

Best Family Restaurants

Taking kids along for the vacation? No worries. Huntsville is teeming with family-friendly restaurants that offer scrumptious dishes with an atmosphere as delightful as the food they serve.

The Moose Delaney’s Sports Grill, with its child-friendly menu and casual ambience, is the first on our list. They provide an ideal setting for a family night out, combined with top-notch service.

Betty’s Pies & Tarts is another great spot for families. Known for its homely atmosphere, you can indulge in some freshly baked pies while your kids have a gala time in the kid-friendly play area.

Shopping and Local Crafts

In the heart of Huntsville, Ontario, shopping opportunities abound offering a plethora of unique items crafted by local artisans, at shopping malls, and at quaint shops hide in plain sight. Are you ready to satiate your shopping cravings and pick up some local crafts?

Huntsville Place Mall

Start with a visit to Huntsville Place Mall, nestled in the scenic town, is a one-stop shopping destination. Home to a myriad of retail stores, including national chains and some local gems, you’ll find everything from fashion to electronics, beauty products to books, and more. For instance, Shoppers Drug Mart caters to your health and beauty needs, while Northern Reflections has got your wardrobe sorted, and Coles cares for your literature appetite. Bonus? The mall’s central location makes it easily accessible, and ample free parking adds to the convenience.

Unique Local Shops and Artisans

After covering the mainstream shopping, make sure to jump into the town’s vibrant arts and crafts scene. Huntsville houses an impressive array of local shops and artisans that showcase the creative spirit of this charming, cottage country town.

Soapstones Natural Skincare is a must-visit for their home-made luxurious soaps and lotions. It’s a real treat for your senses. And if you’re an art enthusiast, The Artisans of Muskoka is your haven. It’s a collective of talented craftsmen showcasing exquisite artworks, from hand-crafted pottery to unique wooden sculpts.

Also, Debbie’s Unique Shop is known for curating one-of-a-kind vintage items and antiques, perfect for those looking for an exceptional and quirky find. And why miss The Topiary’s whimsical home decor and gift items that scream of elegance and creativity?

By choosing to shop local, you’re not only getting a unique, hand-crafted souvenir of your trip to Huntsville, Ontario, but you’re also supporting the local economy and helping to preserve the artistic culture of this spectacular town. So, let your shopping spree in Huntsville be about more than just retail therapy; let it be a journey of discovery and appreciation of the local arts.


So, you’ve got a taste of what Huntsville, Ontario has to offer. It’s a town where natural beauty meets culture and adventure, offering a diverse range of activities. You can embrace the great outdoors with lake cruises, ski trails, and hikes at Arrowhead Provincial Park. Jump into the local art scene with a show at the Algonquin Theatre or a tour of the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery. Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey, sampling local cuisine and dining at top-notch eateries. Don’t forget to visit family-friendly attractions like Muskoka Heritage Place and the Canada Summit Centre. Finally, remember to support the local economy by shopping at Huntsville Place Mall and local artisan shops. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore Huntsville, Ontario – a charming town that’s waiting to impress you with its unique offerings.

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