Uncovering London, Ontario: Your Guide to the City’s Top Things to Do

Exploring London Ontario: Top Attractions

Historical Sites and Museums

Take a step back in time by visiting London Ontario’s historical landmarks. It’s certainly a thrilling experience you won’t regret. The Museum London, for instance, hosts over 5,000 artistic artifacts and over 45,000 historical objects. This museum merges the spheres of art, culture, and history, thereby providing an immersive tour.

Fan of aviation history? Look no further than the Jet Aircraft Museum. This hub houses many cold-war era jets, making it one of the top cultural sites in the city. Imagine being surrounded by timeless aviatic inventions; indeed, it’s the perfect place for aeronautic enthusiasts.

Parks and Natural Beauty

If you fancy unparalleled natural beauty, London Ontario has that in abundance too. The Springbank Park, stretching over 300 acres, is an obvious choice among local and foreign visitors. It even houses over 30 species of trees, so you can imagine, it’s a paradise for nature lovers.

Also, the Westminster Ponds offers an adventurous hiking trail spread over 200 hectares. This area is a designated Environmentally Significant Area (ESA), known for its diverse range of plant and animal life. Picture a hike amidst the mellifluous twittering of birds, with occasional glimpses of deer and turtles.

Every moment you spend in London Ontario will be one to cherish, with its vibrant mix of history and natural beauty!

Culinary Delights and Dining Experiences

Post admiring fine arts and lovely parks, satiating your taste buds becomes essential. London, Ontario, isn’t short of cuisines that would make your palate dance! The city caters to every kind of food connoisseur, making it a prime location for culinary tourism.

Local Cuisine Spots

Savour authentic Canadian flavours, thanks to the local gastronomy scene. There’s a wealth of high-quality, local ingredients to indulge in, often seen in farm-to-table establishments.

For instance, the ‘Root Cellar’ excels at providing organic foods sourced from local suppliers. Savour their poutine – a classic Canadian dish with cheese curds nestled atop french fries, and smothered in a hearty gravy.

Next, the ‘Wolfe of Wortley’ in Old South – a hotspot for casually elegant dining, with a menu changing with the seasons. It’s got you sorted with Canadian favourites like Salmon with wild rice.

Fine Dining and International Cuisine

If you’re yearning for a more lavish dining experience, London won’t disappoint. For a touch of sophistication, try the ‘Black Trumpet.’ Located in the heart of Richmond Row, it offers intimate surroundings to enjoy fine dining with a menu featuring dishes from around the world.

Craving international flavours? Satisfy your taste buds at ‘David’s Bistro.’ A French-inspired bistro serving a range of delicious dishes. Sample their Duck Leg Confit or Chicken Paillard paired with a bottle from their vast wine selection.

There’s also a spectrum of other cuisines from Greek at ‘Mythos’ to Italian at ‘Garlic’s of London’ ensuring a splash of diversity in the dining scene of London, Ontario.

So, take your taste buds on a culinary journey as you explore the diverse food scene in London, Ontario. Each restaurant, whether local or international, delivers a unique dining experience that broadens the foodie horizons.

Shopping and Leisure in London

After a delightful day exploring the city’s arts, culinary gems and natural beauty, there’s more fuelling the charm of London, Ontario. Now, let’s step into the vibrant retail scene sprouting unique local shops and enticing shopping centres.

Unique Local Shops

Perhaps you’re a fan of artisanal crafts, vintage clothing, or eclectic home decor. Rest assured, London’s independent retailers won’t disappoint you. These one-of-a-kind shopping destinations truly encapsulate the local spirit.

For instance, the ILoveLocal boasts an extensive collection of handcrafted goods and Canadian-made products. Similarly, Curiosities Gift Shop provides a treasure trove of oddities, antiques, and novelty items that have undeniable appeal for collectors.

Popular Shopping Centres

Craving a complete retail retreat? Welcome to London’s bustling heart—its shopping plazas. It’s in these expansive, modern centres you’ll find everything, from brand-name boutiques to delectable eateries.

White Oaks Mall, standing as London’s largest indoor shopping centre, houses over 150 stores. It doesn’t just offer shopping, it’s an experience—complete with fun events and delightful dine-in restaurant options.

CF Masonville Place, on the other hand, provides a prime mix of high-end outlets and dining establishments. It’s also known for its exclusive events and cinema complex, making it a go-to leisure destination for tourists and locals alike.

Remember, each storefront in London, Ontario, holds potential for a unique discovery. So, lose yourself in the ever-evolving retail scene and create unforgettable shopping memories. After all, isn’t that what a perfect holiday in London, Ontario is about?

Annual Events and Festivals

Having reveled in an array of unique shops and a diverse culinary scene, there’s still much more on London, Ontario’s plate for you to devour. Let’s investigate into their annual events and festivals.

Music and Cultural Festivals

Graced with a vibrant cultural scene, London, Ontario hosts several music and cultural festivals throughout the year. Sunfest, the city’s largest, pulls in over 200,000 visitors each summer. It’s a free family-friendly event celebrated in Victoria Park. There, you’ll find an impressive international line-up of around 35 popular artists gracing the stage amidst a magnificent setting. Adding to that, a diverse variety of food vendors serve Latino, Caribbean, and Asian cuisines, offering a real global gustatory experience.

Folk music fans, don’t miss out on Home County Music & Art Festival. Held in July, you’ll experience a trove of local and international performers uplifting the spirit with songs and tales. Also noteworthy is TD Sunfest’s ‘Canada Day in the Park’, an event that traditionally marks the kick-off of the summer festival season in London. In all events, live music acts resonate under the starry skies, offering an immersive encounter with London’s vibrant cultural world.

Seasonal Events

London, Ontario doesn’t shy away from celebrating every season with flair. For example, the city turns into a winter wonderland during the annual Lighting of the Lights ceremony in Victoria Park. Here, over 75,000 lights illumine the park making it an enchanting sight to behold.

Summer’s London Rib Fest, an affair to satisfy all barbeque lovers out there, is another key event. It is not only Canada’s biggest rib fest but also touts itself as London’s biggest annual outdoor festival overall. Picture hundreds of ribs sizzling on the grill, coupled with live bands, and rides for a wholesome family outing.

Autumn in London means one thing for enthusiasts – London Comic Con. It taps into the world of comics, cosplay, gaming, film, and TV, exhibiting London’s enthusiasm for popular culture.

Take it from our experience, attending these events will connect you to London’s multicultural ethos, offering a comprehensive taste of Ontario’s unique charm.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Dive deeper into the character of London, Ontario as you explore its lively nightlife and entertainment scene. It’s an area that unveils the city’s vibrant pulse, truly demonstrating why London is a must-visit destination.

Bars and Clubs

Immerse yourself in London’s vibrant bar and club scene. Head to places like “Call The Office,” a historical concert venue turned nightclub, renowned for its retro nights and live music. London’s “Lost Love Social House” presents an eccentric mix of classic arcade games, board games, and a cocktail repertoire that’ll satisfy even the most sophisticated palette.

Identify potential bar-hopping routes such as Richmond Row, a hub brimming with bars and clubs; choose your favorite spot and dance the night away. Enjoy Thursday nights at “The Barking Frog,” famous for its student-friendly atmosphere and upbeat music. Remember, the bar’s capacity is limited to 473 people; the early bird indeed catches the worm.

Live Music and Theatre

Experience London’s rich cultural heritage through its live music and theatre scene. The “Grand Theatre,” established in 1901, regularly stages Broadway musicals and plays, attracting theatre enthusiasts from all over.

Stay in tune with the city’s rhythm at “London Music Hall,” celebrated for its intimate concert environment. It accommodates 1,000 standing or 525 seated guests, offering breathtaking performances from a variety of genres.

“Centennial Hall,” hosting 1,657 seats, hosts numerous events, from London Symphony Orchestra performances to renowned annual music festivals.


So, you’ve had a taste of what London, Ontario has to offer. It’s a city that’s rich in arts, culture, and natural beauty. Its culinary scene is as diverse as its retail offerings, making it a foodie’s paradise and a shopper’s dream. With annual events and festivals that span the entire calendar, there’s always something happening. And let’s not forget about the vibrant nightlife, with bars, clubs, and live music venues that keep the city buzzing. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a shopping enthusiast, or a foodie, London, Ontario won’t disappoint. So, why wait? Start planning your trip now and discover everything this amazing city has to offer.

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