Unforgettable Family Adventures: Things to Do in Mattawa, Ontario

Exploring the Great Outdoors in Mattawa

If it’s a blend of adventure and natural beauty you’re after, then Mattawa is right up your alley. Out here in Ontario’s wilderness, you’re in for a treat. Let us jump into the richness that awaits!

Hiking Trails and Nature Walks

Nature trails are aplenty in Mattawa, offering a fascinating exploration journey. Etched against a backdrop of stunning landscapes, these trails cater to hikers of every skill level. First, let’s talk about the picturesque Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area. A 1.9-kilometre trail, it nestles amidst remarkable geological features, formed over centuries by the Amable du Fond River. Remember to pack your camera; the photo opportunities are abundant!

Next on the list, Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge contains a fine network of self-guided trails. Beginners and pros alike can immerse themselves in these trails, stretching over 485 acres. Breathtaking vistas, serenity and a brush with local wildlife – you’re signing up for an enriching experience.

Boating and Fishing on the Ottawa River

The Ottawa River, a defining feature of Mattawa, beckons with a bounty of water activities. If boating’s your calling, a multitude of rental services live up to your expectations. Starting on a leisurely boat ride, the curtains lift, revealing scenic landscapes and a slice of Mattawa’s rich history.

If fishing gets your adrenaline pumping, you’re in luck. The Ottawa River is teeming with a variety of fish. Walleye, Northern Pike, and Musky, for instance, are common catches. Remember, early summer and fall yield better results, so plan your fishing expedition accordingly.

Whether you choose to lace up your hiking shoes or feel the wind in your hair on the Ottawa River, Mattawa offers a spectrum of outdoor pursuits. Not only does it quench your thirst for adventure, but it also unearths an oasis of natural splendour.

Cultural Experiences in Mattawa

Transitioning from its natural spectacle, Mattawa, Ontario also boasts a rich cultural terrain that deserves your attention.

Visit the Mattawa Museum

There’s a story, a lesson, and a whisper of the past hidden in the quaint little Mattawa Museum. It’s alive with history, resonating with the voices of the early settlers, indigenous communities, and explorers. Displayed across three stories, you will explore artefacts ranging from native relics, fur trading items, to depictions of logging industry developments. Inside, you’ll encounter carefully curated exhibits: a voyageur room, a chapel, and a replicated 19th-century room, each echoing the distinctive history of Mattawa. What’s more, they even hold workshops where you can interact with artefacts, presenting an opportunity to connect with history at a tactile level.

Local Art Scenes and Workshops

Don’t miss the local art scene pulsating with talent and creativity. Mattawa’s art culture offers you a series of galleries, studios, and art shops all espousing unique styles. For instance, the Centre Culturel Les Compagnons hosts various cultural and artistic activities year-round, providing a platform for local talent. Here, you can peruse indigenous artworks, witness lively community performances, and indulge in workshops such as pottery, sculpting, or painting taught by local creatives.

Also, the Murals of Mattawa tell tales of the town’s cultural heritage and history. As you stroll around, admire these large-scale artworks spread across the town’s buildings. The colourful, expressive murals are not just visually stunning but also encapsulate stories from different periods of Mattawa’s journey.

In short, from museums steeped in the past to vibrant art scenes, Mattawa offers you a captivating cultural journey alongside its awaited outdoor adventures. So, ready to immerse?

Adventure Sports in the Area

After soaking in the rich cultural surroundings and getting a taste of the local art scene of Mattawa, you’re likely eager to investigate into the more adrenaline-pumping options the area provides. With a diverse range of landscapes, Mattawa is a mecca for adventure sports for every season. So, let’s get your pulse racing with some of the best adventure sports offering in and around Mattawa.

ATV and Snowmobiling Trails

Unleash the adventurer in you by exploring Mattawa’s renowned all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and snowmobiling trails. Known for their sprawling network, the trails cater to both beginner and experienced riders. Vu’s ATV and PWC Rental offers vehicle rentals, eliminating the hurdle of equipment availability. For example, the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System (VMUTS) features over 300 kilometres of trails, offering an enthralling off-roading experience. Conditions permitting, the trails also serve as snowmobiling routes in the frosty winter months, providing a surge of excitement amidst the white, snow-laden world.

Family-Friendly Activities

Taking the legacy of exploration further, Mattawa offers incredible family-friendly activities that will make your trip a memorable one. Embrace the splendour of nature, experience the thrill of discovery, and indulge in enjoyable educational pursuits. Get ready to enjoy the delight of playful times and captivating nature tours.

Playground and Picnic Areas

Cherish the light-hearted moments at Mattawa’s impeccable playgrounds and picnic spots. Whether it’s ringing laughter on swings, joyous family games or savouring a home-packed meal under the tranquil Canadian sky, facilities like Explorer’s Point Park are all equipped with amenity-rich venues. This park notably has playground equipment, picnic tables and an awe-inspiring view of the Ottawa River, guaranteeing a family fun-filled day out. Ensure you opt for a beautiful day, when sunlight spatters the area, transforming it into a vibrant hue of joy and enjoyment.

Educational Nature Tours

Immerse your family in the wonders of Mattawa’s educational nature tours. It’s more than just sightseeing; it’s a chance for your youngsters to learn about the diversity and richness of the Canadian ecology. From bird-watching tours that detail the varieties of avian species, to gentle hikes that introduce intriguing flora, these programmes offer something for all. Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, for instance, offers guided excursions with focus on indigenous species. Amplify the educational quotient for your young ones, knowing that the memories made here will be cherished and the knowledge gained, invaluable. Remember, a bright morning tour often leads to the best wildlife spotting opportunities and delightful learning instances.


So you’ve seen what Mattawa has to offer. It’s a treasure trove of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and adventure sports. It’s not just for the adrenaline junkies out there, but also for families looking for a memorable trip. With places like Explorer’s Point Park and Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, you’ll never run out of things to do. Whether you’re into bird-watching, hiking, or simply enjoying a picnic while taking in the views, Mattawa has something for everyone. It’s clear that this Ontario gem is more than worth a visit. Now it’s your turn to experience Mattawa’s charm. Pack your bags and set off on your own adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

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