Unearth Hidden Adventures: Top Things to Do in Owen Sound, Ontario

Exploring Nature in Owen Sound

Venture into the heart of Owen Sound Ontario’s nature, offering an array of picturesque landscapes and an unforgettable outdoor experience. Journey through two of its definitive landmarks, Inglis Falls, and Harrison Park hiking trails.

Discover the Scenic Beauty of Inglis Falls

Nestled in the outskirts of Owen Sound, Inglis Falls stands as a magnificent natural spectacle, drawing countless nature enthusiasts each year. Recipient of the cascading Sydenham River, these 18-metre-high falls offer a mesmerising sight, especially during the spring thaw. Surrounding this natural grandeur, abundant greenery and flower-clad meadows frame a perfect setting for picnics and idyllic afternoons.

Upon your arrival, standing by the observation deck, the powerful waterfall’s melody fills the air, instils tranquillity, and unveils the sheer force of nature. Don your adventurer hat and trek along the Bruce trail—a route flanking the waterfall, revealing fantastic panoramic views of the pastoral landscapes and the panoramic view of Owen Sound and Georgian Bay.

Hiking Trails at Harrison Park

A stone’s throw away from downtown Owen Sound, Harrison Park remains an epitome of unscathed wilderness. Furnished with myriad trails steering through verdant woods and serene water bodies, it’s a haven for hikers.

Begin your exploration on the Harrison Park Trail. A five-kilometre trail looping around the park, it hosts a multitude of bird species like tanager, catbird, and wood warbler, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. As you venture deeper into the trail, you’d encounter graceful deer occasionally crossing your path.

Then head to the Weaver’s Creek Falls trail. A stretch of 300 metres, it leads to the captivating Weaver’s Creek Falls. The Frogs, ducks, and the occasional mink diversify the trail with their fleeting appearances.

Be prepared for the unexpected on these trails, for the combination of untouched nature and spectacular wildlife will surely surprise you at every turn. These trails not only charmingly unravel Owen Sound’s natural beauty but also offer peace retreats from urban bustle.

So, do not hesitate. March into these unique escapades, experience nature at its finest, and create lasting memories in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Cultural Attractions in Owen Sound

You’ve sampled the local cuisine, bathed in the beauty of Inglis Falls, trekked through Harrison Park. Now, it’s time to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Owen Sound, Ontario. You’ll find an array of cultural attractions beckoning you with a touch of heritage and creativity.

Visit the Tom Thomson Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts, prepare for a visually appealing journey at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery. Celebrated as one of Canada’s famous painters, Tom Thomson’s talent resides within these gallery walls. Named in his honour, the gallery portrays a plethora of Thomson’s varied yet consistently captivating works. The gallery, housing over 2,000 pieces of his art, exhibits an authentic glimpse of historical Canadian art. If the beauty of the Ember Scenery or the Pine Island, Georgian Bay captures your attention, you’re not alone. Thomson’s art is known to depict true Canadian landscapes, enticing viewers into the graphic masterpiece. Here, you’ll not only witness his brilliant works but also catch engaging exhibitions from other regional and national artists.

Explore the Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum

Step back in time as you explore Owen Sound’s history at the Marine and Rail Museum. As the name suggests, the museum is a treasure trove of the city’s marine and rail history, nestled in a charming renovated CN Rail Station. The museum houses a remarkable collection of artifacts that include intricate rail models, a marine display that narrates the city’s shipbuilding history, and a children’s exhibit, making it enjoyable for all ages. The star attraction is the restored 1940s caboose. Take a natural plunge into history, as the comprehensive exhibitions here narrate tales of Owen Sound’s vibrant past.

As you investigate deeper into Owen Sound’s cultural attractions, it becomes evident that there’s more to this Canadian city than scenic landscapes and delectable local cuisine. To truly appreciate the beauty of Owen Sound, take the time to immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage exhibited through these attractions.

Adventure and Recreation

Let’s jump into a world of thrills and chills, packed with adrenaline-fueled fun!

Fishing and Boating in Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay offers an unforgettable aquatic experience. It’s one of Ontario’s hot spots for fishing, hosting several species like Bass, Trout and Salmon. The Bay’s tranquil blue waters and scenic archipelago provide a stunning backdrop for your casting adventures.

Taking advantage of Georgian Bay’s boating opportunities, it’s advisable to opt for guided tours. Providers like Blue Heron Company organise daily sightseeing cruises. With onboard commentary providing essential information, the cruises synergise your enjoyment with knowledge about the Bay’s rich ecological diversity.

Winter Sports Opportunities

Owen Sound is a wonderland in the winter, renowned for its snow-clad slopes and trails, irresistible to snow sports enthusiasts. Blue Mountain Resort, a proximate winter sports hub, offers Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow Tubing. For an unusual winter experience, try out the thrilling snowmobiling adventures organised by Bruce Peninsula Snowmobile Club.

Plus, Owen Sound maintains outdoor ice rinks in the winter, with Harrison Park and Kelso Beach Park being local favourites to lace up your skates for some festive fun.

Stepping into Owen Sound’s winter bliss, you’ll discover an unmatched fusion of beauty and excitement, promising myriad memories woven into the region’s splendid tableau.

Culinary Delights and Dining

After a day packed with adventure and art appreciation, Owen Sound offers a treat for the food lover in you. So, let’s tantalise your taste buds and explore the local gastronomic offerings in this quaint corner of Ontario.

Local Cuisine Highlights

Owen Sound’s culinary world reflects the region’s agricultural richness. With options spanning from comfort food to nouvelle cuisine, you are not lacking for a bite fitting your food mood.

Don’t miss the region’s farm-fresh ingredients showcased in local farmer’s markets. The Keady Market, for instance, ranks as a local favourite for fresh produce, dairy, and bakery items. Here, you can sample sweet treats like butter tarts and Ontario’s famed Nanaimo bars. Local honey and maple syrup are also not to be missed.

As for savoury delights, you’ve got traditional dishes like Ontario beef or freshwater fish to satisfy your palate. Also prevalent are variants of poutine, a Canadian classic, that feature locally-sourced ingredients.

Trending Cafés and Restaurants

While Owen Sound does not disappoint in traditional food options, it’s also home to a burgeoning food scene. Trendy cafes and restaurants dot the city, each offering unique dining experiences.

Let’s talk about Casero Kitchen Table, a food-truck-turned-restaurant serving scrumptious Mexican fare. This place’s tacos and churros are a hit among locals and tourists alike.

For the coffee enthusiasts out there, the Frog Pond Café is worth a stop. It not only boasts quality brews but also offers an enchanting garden setting making your cuppa extra enjoyable.

Food lovers who prefer upscale dining should venture to Elsie’s Diner. Perfect for date nights, this upscale diner offers fantastic views of the Sunset Strip while allowing you to enjoy locally sourced dishes whipped up by expert chefs.

Events and Festivals

Having embraced Owen Sound’s natural beauty, art, adventure and food, it’s time you experience the city’s spirit in its memorable events and festivals.

The Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival

Consider the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival, a revered tradition of Owen Sound. Held annually in the heart of summer, this spectacular event stretches over three days. With roots dating back to 1976, it’s renowned globally. Participants exhibit craftsmanship, providing a platform for local artisans to shine. The festival’s music component, no doubt, plays a significant role in its popularity. Musicians spin magic on guitars, flutes, violins, and more, offering blues, jazz, folk, and other genres, creating an aural feast resonating with tastes of all individuals. There’s always an exciting lineup, in the past including notable performers like Valdy, Serena Ryder and The Irish Descendants.

To keep the energy high all throughout the event, multiple food vendors offering diverse culinary fare share the spotlight. Remember, the festival isn’t confined to adults. It encourages family participation, featuring a designated area for children known as “Beckyfest”, equipped with face-painting, puppet shows and more.

The Festival of Northern Lights

Nothing screams winter festivity like Owen Sound’s Festival of Northern Lights. This enchanting event commences in mid-November and extends to early January, brightening the city during its coldest months. It’s not your typical light show. It spans more than 400 displays and over 25 kilometres, transforming Owen Sound into an illuminated wonderland. A walk through this sparkling city offers you sights of various creative installations. Candles, arches, overhead skylines, a nativity scene, and even a sparkling rendition of the RMS Titanic! You’re bound to feel the sheer excitement of Christmas, with the city echoes of traditional carols and the smell of warm beverages wafting through the cool breeze.

For a more immersive adventure, consider taking the horse-drawn wagon ride, offering a guided tour of the lights. Now, how heart-warming is that!

In Owen Sound, events and festivals aren’t merely annual occurrences. They’re a reflection of the city’s thriving spirit and cultural richness, worth pencilling into your travel itinerary.


So, you’ve got a taste of what Owen Sound, Ontario has to offer. It’s a charming blend of natural beauty, cultural richness and adventurous spirit. Whether you’re exploring the stunning Inglis Falls, hiking through Harrison Park, or immersing yourself in local art at the Tom Thomson Gallery, there’s always something to captivate you. The city’s vibrant events like the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival and the Festival of Northern Lights add to the allure, making your visit unforgettable. And let’s not forget the culinary delights that await you at the local cafes and restaurants. It’s clear that Owen Sound is more than just a hidden gem in Canada—it’s a treasure trove of experiences, waiting for you to discover. So pack your bags and set off for Owen Sound, Ontario. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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