Exploring Parry Sound, Ontario: A Guide to Outdoor Activities and Stunning Landmarks

Exploring Parry Sound, Ontario

Having heard about the charm of Parry Sound, Ontario, it’s time to narrow down on what you can do when plan a visit. Outdoor adventures and cultural experiences abound, guaranteeing a mix of thrill, nature, and arts.

Outdoor Adventures

Consider exploring the spectacular nature reserves that Parry Sound boasts. For instance, you have the Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Spread across 63.45 square kilometres, it composes of 59 Eastern Georgian Bay islands offering camping, bird-watching, and bicycling opportunities.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of Massasauga Provincial Park. Here, you explore 131 square kilometres of protected wetlands and forests. Activities are aplenty, including camping, canoeing, fishing, and even winter camping for the brave.

Finally, the stunning Parry Sound Fitness Trail garners attention from locals and visitors. An impressive 6 km long, it’s perfect for jogging, walking, or cycling while admiring the shoreline views.

Cultural Experiences

Parry Sound doesn’t just cater to adventure seekers but also to those hungry for rich cultural experiences. A striking example is the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts. Home to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, the Centre hosts concerts, festivals and cultural events. A visit promises high-quality performances in a scenic setting facing stunning waterfront views.

If history piques your interest, step into the past by visiting the West Parry Sound District Museum. With eight galleries displaying artefacts and stories from the region’s development, it’s a trip down memory lane. Original pieces from the Group of Seven, renowned Canadian artists, are among the exhibits.

Finally, the Tower Hill Heritage Garden is an idyllic spot for those who enjoy tranquillity. Comprising eight themed corridors showcasing various eras of gardening, it provides a walk back in time with nature as your companion.

So, when in Parry Sound, Ontario, get ready to enrich your senses, soak in culture, and embrace outdoor attractions. Rest assured, it will be a visit to remember for years to come.

Top Attractions in Parry Sound

Overflowing with activities and attractions, Parry Sound presents numerous delightful experiences for every type of traveller. Among these, the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and Parry Sound Harbour stand out in their uniqueness, each offering its distinctive charm and appeal.

The Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts

If you’re a culture enthusiast, the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts is a spot that’s got to be on your list. This venue, home to the Festival of the Sound, is an acoustical marvel. A seat here (especially during the festival) lets you journey into a world of rhythm, vibration, and emotion, immersing you in a blend of classical, jazz, and folk music.

Also, the Centre’s architectural design is a sight to behold. This iconic building on Parry Sound’s waterfront, overlooking the beautiful Georgian Bay, is a testament to the richness of both local culture and scenic beauty.

Parry Sound Harbour

Beyond the rhythm and buzz of the performing arts, do remember to experience the tranquil calm of nature at Parry Sound Harbour. One of the deepest natural ports in the world, the Harbour offers you a picturesque escape into serenity. With sparkling blue waters framed by towering verdant trees, a stroll on the Harbour’s shores is as refreshing as it is visually stunning.

One of the main highlights here is Island Queen Cruise, a relaxing exploration that weaves you through the 30,000 islands of Georgian Bay. As you cruise through the beautiful islands, keep an eye out for wildlife such as deer, bears, and rare bird species.

Also, adventure seekers looking for a more thrilling experience shouldn’t miss trying out water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding, available within the Harbour area.

Nature and Wildlife

After a cultural day soaking up the acoustical marvels at the Charles W. Stockey Centre and dallying in delightful water sports at the Parry Sound Harbour, turn your sights to Ontario’s breathtaking natural offerings.

Killbear Provincial Park

First on your list, Killbear Provincial Park, lies a little north of Parry Sound. Surrounded by the shimmering waters of Georgian Bay, it’s a haven for those who love the great outdoors. Discover more than 30 kilometres of trails. That’s not a misprint; there’s really a lot of trails! Walking those trails, you’ll find yourself immersed in a diverse mix of forest habitats, teeming with various species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

But watch out, the park is home to some wildlife that can be more than a little shy. Keep your eyes peeled for a chance glimpse of white-tailed deer, black bears, or even the elusive fox snake.

Heading to Killbear in summer? You’re in for a treat. The 6 kilometres of beaches found there make for a fantastic day out. Swimming, sunbathing, or simply enjoying a picnic amidst nature’s splendour, it’s all there waiting for you. Also, don’t forget to check out the visitor centre for insightful exhibit displays and exciting interpretive programs.

The Observation Tower

Of course, your journey into Parry Sound’s natural world isn’t complete without a visit to The Observation Tower. This inviting landmark stands tall at the summit of Tower Hill, boasting a whopping 30-metre height.

Here’s a challenge for you. Notch up your adventure stakes and climb the Tower. The reward? An aerial view like no other. Prepare yourself for a panorama that stretches to the horizon, encompassing pristine lakes, dense forest clusters, and a quilt-like patchwork of blue and green left untouched by urban sprawl.

Whether it’s the sun-kissed world at dawn, or the mesmerising sunset hues at dusk, this view remains a picture that nature paints anew each day. It’s a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts, too! Apropos of cameras, don’t forget to take yours with you. You wouldn’t want to miss some Insta-worthy shots, would you?

Remember, the tower’s open for your exploration from Victoria Day weekend till Thanksgiving. Plan your visit accordingly for the best experience.

Just remember, while Parry Sound is a treasure trove offering fun-filled days and serene nights, it’s important to maintain respect for the natural world. After all, it’s the companionship of nature and wildlife that make this such a special place to visit.

Activities for Families

After exploring the natural beauty and cultural attractions of Parry Sound, jump into a plethora of activities suitable for your family. We’re blazing a trail through two renowned spots: The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame and the Island Queen Cruise.

Bobby Orr Hall of Fame

Your trip to Parry Sound isn’t complete without visiting the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. It pays homage to Parry Sound’s very own hockey hero, Bobby Orr. Located within the Charles W. Stockey Centre, this graspable display of sports history bears lessons in perseverance and sportsmanship for youngsters.

A feast for sports enthusiasts, the hall offers interactive games, virtual reality experiences, and wealth of hockey memorabilia. Pip a puck past a virtual Bobby Orr or test your reaction times in the interactive games. A piece of trivia – Bobby Orr started playing hockey here, crafted his skills and became one of the greatest players in NHL history. So, you’re walking through a part of history!

Island Queen Cruise

Next on your itinerary is the renowned Island Queen Cruise. Offering an intimate encounter with the rugged beauty of Georgian Bay, it’s an ideal family activity. The cruise offers a breathtaking exploration of the Bay’s 30,000 islands. You could spot wildlife, get up close to beautiful rock formations, and witness stunning shoreline vistas – all from the comfort of your seat!

The highlight is the cruise through the narrow channels and shallow waterways of the Bay, taking you deeper into the wild beauty of Parry Sound. Your kids might like the storytelling sessions about the region’s history and rich wildlife. Keep your cameras ready, you wouldn’t want to miss capturing these moments!


So you’ve got a taste of what Parry Sound has to offer. It’s a place where nature, history, and culture intertwine to create an enriching experience. Whether you’re a fan of performing arts, a history enthusiast, or an outdoor lover, there’s something for you. Imagine exploring the diverse habitats of Killbear Provincial Park, or capturing the breathtaking views from Tower Hill. Picture your family revelling in the interactive experiences at the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, or cruising through the islands of Georgian Bay. Parry Sound isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey of discovery. So why wait? Pack your bags and let Parry Sound’s charm captivate you.

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