Ultimate Guide: Top Things to Do in Simcoe, Ontario

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Simcoe, Ontario

Simcoe, Ontario’s natural beauty awaits your discovery. True explorers might think they’ve landed in paradise. Breath-taking landscapes, lush greenery, and diverse wildlife – you’ll surely find it all here.

Visit Norfolk Conservation Area

Your next stop could be Norfolk Conservation Area, a natural wonder in Simcoe. Nestled amidst vast forests, it’s a haven teeming with birds, fish, and mammals, according to reliable authorities like Bird Studies Canada. If birdwatching tickles your fancy, then you’re in for a treat. With over 100 bird species, such as the red-winged blackbird and the woodpecker, it’ll be a true feast for your eyes. Try hiking along its wooded trails for an eco-friendly adventure. Active adventurers might consider pitching a tent in one of the campsites, just remember to respect the wilderness.

Discover Waterford Ponds

If you’ve had enough of firm ground, switch things up with a trip to Waterford Ponds. Also known as the Waterford Sand Pits, these interconnected ponds offer water-related activities that are a must-try. Canoe, Kayak, or swim while basking in the tranquility of the calm, clear water. If fishing is more your style, where according to Ontario Tourism, you’ll find a variety of fish species like largemouth bass and northern pike. Both amateur and seasoned anglers alike, often find their prize catch in these waters. Remember, though, if you’re interested in taking a boat out or some fishing activities, be aware of Ontario’s rules and regulations.

Simcoe, Ontario’s natural treasures are so vast; it’s an explorer’s paradise. Rest assured, every journey guarantees a scoop full of adventure and a pinch of serenity, making your trip nothing short of extraordinary.

Cultural Experiences in Simcoe

After immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Simcoe, rich cultural experiences await your exploration. The key attractions listed below bring both the historic charm and the sparkling festive spirit of Simcoe to limelight.

Explore the Norfolk Arts Centre

Amongst Simcoe’s pivotal cultural landmarks is the Norfolk Arts Centre. Housing the creative spirit of Simcoe, it offers a visual of Simcoe’s cultural heritage. Breath-taking artworks line the galleries of this vibrant hub. The Centre showcases the talent of local, provincial, and national artists – a testament to Simcoe’s flourishing art scene.

Ever-evolving, the Norfolk Arts Centre features rotating exhibitions for regulars and newcomers alike. Here, you’ll encounter art forms from delicate watercolour masterpieces and traditional oil paintings to avant-garde installations and mixed media pieces. The centre is not merely a walkthrough, workshops and lessons are also on offer, bringing art enthusiasts and creators together.

Don’t just observe. Engage, experiment, and express yourself – that’s what stands at the heart of the Norfolk Arts Centre experience.

Experience the Simcoe Christmas Panorama

No tour of Simcoe is complete without witnessing the town’s iconic Christmas Panorama. Known nationally as the “River of Lights”, Simcoe Christmas Panorama makes winter’s dark days dazzling.

The enchanting event springs to life at Wellington Park, designed expressly for these festivities. The grandeur of lights reflecting off the tranquil water heightens the charm. Breathtakingly charismatic, the park transforms into a whimsical spectacle of lights featuring hand-crafted, illuminated displays brought to life by local volunteers.

From traditional Christmas staples like Santa Claus and his reindeer to Canadiana inspired displays, it’s an illuminating reflection of Canada’s diverse traditions and festive spirit. Whether you choose to stroll through the park or take a horse-drawn wagon ride, the spectacle promises a magical experience.

Wrap up warm and bring along a hot thermos, because believe me, Simcoe’s Christmas Panorama is a visual feast you won’t want to rush.

Family Fun and Activities

Expanding on Simcoe’s tempting blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, the town also offers a host of family-friendly activities. Let’s investigate into a couple of standout attractions that promise a day filled with fun and adventure for the entire family.

Simcoe Wave Pool and Splash Pad

Simcoe Wave Pool and Splash Pad provides a delightful retreat that secures its place as a favorite among both locals and travellers. The facility boasts a wave pool, making it a go-to spot for those seeking to escape the summer heat. Also, the splash pad, a safe and kid-friendly feature, encourages youngsters to enjoy water-based activities. Notably, the pool is set under the open sky, blending in beautifully with Simcoe’s natural charm. Importantly, the facility ensures safety protocols, making it an ideal place for a day of water fun with the family.

Whispering Pines Farmer’s Market

A trip to Simcoe isn’t complete without a visit to the Whispering Pines Farmer’s Market. This bustling marketplace, a celebration of Simcoe’s agricultural roots, gives you direct access to a variety of locally grown produce. You’ll find anything from fruits, vegetables, homemade jams to locally sourced honey. Many vendors also offer beautifully crafted hand-made items, offering a glimpse into the creativity of Simcoe’s residents. Besides shopping, the market has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making it more than just a shopping expedition. It’s an opportunity to meet locals, learn about their way of life, and take home a piece of Simcoe’s rich agricultural legacy.

Local Gastronomy

Venture into Simcoe’s culinary scene and you’re guaranteed a delightful experience. From the aromatic brews of local breweries to the tantalising dishes served in local restaurants, your taste buds are about to begin on an exciting journey.

Simcoe’s Brewery Scene

You might be surprised to find that Simcoe features a collection of notable breweries. Among these, Blue Elephant Craft Brew House stands as a landmark with its extensive range of uniquely crafted beers. Small batches ensure quality, while a variety of flavours cater to the varied preferences of beer enthusiasts. Their Honey Basil Ale, known for its intriguing blend of sweetness and herby notes, is certainly worth a try. But, keep in mind, the variety extends far beyond just one flavour!

Ramblin’ Road Brewery, the first of its kind in Norfolk, is another impressive instance, producing “Dakota Pearl Ale” made from local Dakota Pearl potatoes. It’s more than just a drink, it’s a testament to Simcoe’s agricultural heritage.

Dining Out in Simcoe

Simcoe’s food scene is a perfect blend of local and international flavours. For a classic Canadian meal, visit The Barrel Restaurant. It’s famous for its perfectly grilled steaks and traditional Poutine, a quintessential Canadian staple made from fries, cheese curds and gravy.

If you fancy a tour around the world without leaving Simcoe, visit The Belworth House. This upscale bistro offers a globally-inspired menu with Spanish Paella, Thai-spiced calamari and Italian tiramisu on the list.

But, remember, these are just samples of what Simcoe has to offer. Like the town itself, its gastronomic journey is rich, diverse, and full of delightful surprises.

Festivals and Community Events

In Simcoe, Ontario, there’s an extra layer of fun waiting for you – a lively array of festivals and community events. Let’s jump into these vibrant happenings that underline Simcoe’s unique community spirit.

Norfolk County Fair

First on the list is the Norfolk County Fair, which stands as one of the most anticipated annual events in Simcoe. Establishing its roots in 1840, it takes pride as one of the oldest agricultural fairs in Canada. Hosting over 100,000 visitors annually, the fair features a cornucopia of attractions, including livestock shows, homecraft exhibits, demolition derbies, concerts, and more. Couple these with an expansive range of food stalls, the Norfolk County Fair is a gathering place for the community and visitors alike; immersing them in an atmosphere of fun, learning, and camaraderie.

Friendship Festival

Next, Simcoe holds dear the Friendship Festival. This free, family-oriented event is a showcase of the multicultural diversity in the county. Boasting international food offerings, arts, crafts, entertainment and a wealth of activities, it serves as a significant nod to community inclusivity. If you’ve got a taste for cultural exploration, this event is the ideal platform to discover the myriad of rich cultures that coexist in Simcoe. Partaking in the Friendship Festival is a celebration of diversity, a homage to unity in diversity.


So there you have it. Whether you’re a nature lover, a foodie, an art enthusiast, or a family looking for fun, Simcoe, Ontario has something for you. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in natural beauty, savour local flavours, jump into the arts, and celebrate community spirit through vibrant festivals. Simcoe, with its eclectic mix of attractions, is more than just a destination – it’s an experience. So why not plan your visit? You’re sure to discover that Simcoe’s charm is as diverse and delightful as the attractions it offers. Don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourself. You’re in for a treat in Simcoe, Ontario.

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