Exploring Sudbury, Ontario: Top Things to Do for an Unforgettable Visit

Exploring Sudbury: Top Attractions

As your journey continues through the captivating city of Sudbury, get ready to investigate into the exciting wonders stocked within its confines. You’ll explore some of the area’s top attractions, each offering its own distinctive enchantment.

Science North

Enter the world of Science North, an experience that boasts of stunning live animals, a digital Planetarium, real science laboratories, and more. As the second largest science centre in all of Canada, Science North holds the prowess to send you tumbling headfirst into the thrilling world of scientific discoveries. Unwind amidst its iconic snowflake-shaped structure, featuring three distinct levels of interactive science exhibits.

During your adventure, relish the chance to encounter critters at the third level. You’ll find everything from burrowing owls, flying squirrels to skunks. From quizzes on animal diets to species identification challenges, it keeps visitors engaged and inspired.

Dynamic Earth

Next on Sudbury’s list of wonders lies Dynamic Earth, a colossal geoscience centre guaranteed to fuel your fascination for the earth’s dynamic systems. Most recognized for its iconic Big Nickel, Sudbury’s Dynamic Earth offers you an immersive experience accentuating its prominent mining heritage.

At Dynamic Earth, investigate into its underground tour, guiding you through a mock mine. It provides a unique glimpse into the life of miners and the processes involved in mining ores deep beneath the earth’s surface. Also, let your curiosity loose on the numerous interactive earth science and mining exhibits. Learn while having fun, as you explore topics of geology, volcanoes, and earthquakes amongst others.

Remember, opportunities for rich, insightful exploration in Sudbury are plentiful. So, with each exciting visit, you’re certain to uncover another fascinating layer of Sudbury, Ontario’s charm and allure.

Outdoor Adventures in Sudbury

After exploring the vibrant city life and insightful attractions of Sudbury, Ontario, your journey is far from finished. There’s still the bounty of natural attractions waiting to unfold, stir your sense of adventure and leave you with unforgettable experiences.

Ramsey Lake Activities

Ramsey Lake forms the heart of Sudbury, as the second-largest city-contained lake in the world. It’s not just a picturesque sight, but a host to an array of watersport festivities. Engage in some fun-filled paddling activities. Choose a canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard – every one of these offers you a unique way to commune with nature.

Spend a calm morning fishing. With over 24 species of fish including Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass, Ramsey Lake sets the stage for both amateur and seasoned anglers. If it’s winter, don’t pack away your rod yet. Ramsey Lake entertains ice fishing, too, allowing this frosty season to have its unique charm.

Onaping Falls Hikes

A tad north of Sudbury, Onaping Falls beckons hikers with its rugged charm and captivating views. It’s the spot where the Sudbury impact event happened, leaving an intriguing geological footprint. Walk the A.Y. Jackson Lookout Trail, a 2-km hiking trail offering awe-inspiring views of Onaping High Falls, where Group of Seven’s A.Y. Jackson once painted.

Embrace your adventurous spirit with a bit of rock scrambling around the falls, where rugged terrain marks the course. It’s challenging yet rewarding, affording you stunning sights of the surrounding wilderness. In spring, witness the falls at their mightiest, whereas autumn cloaks the trail in hues of gold and crimson. At any season, Onaping Falls promises an enriching hiking experience like no other.

Arts and Culture in Sudbury

Stepping into the artistic sphere, Sudbury’s vibrant culture doesn’t fail to impress. This section showcases two of the city’s thriving cultural beacons – the Art Gallery of Sudbury and the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

Art Gallery of Sudbury

Jump into Sudbury’s rich cultural world at the Art Gallery of Sudbury. Established in 1967, the gallery guards an impressive collection of over 2,000 artworks. You’ll find creations from local and international artists, showcasing a broad array of styles and periods.

Immerse yourself in the artworks on display, enveloped by the enchanting building – a turn-of-the-century arts and crafts movement mansion. As a patron, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in workshops and community events, enhancing your understanding of the thriving arts scene in Sudbury.

In the Art Gallery of Sudbury, glimpse the robust balance of traditional and modern art techniques. Exhibitions vary from contemporary photography to famous Group of Seven pieces. Take a peek at their calendar before planning your visit, as specific exhibitions might pique your interest.

Sudbury Theatre Centre

And, if you’ve got a hankering for live performances, just a short drive away from the gallery, you’ll find the Sudbury Theatre Centre. Established in 1971, it’s been the core of Sudbury’s theatre scene, boasting local productions and touring performances from across Canada.

Over the years, the Sudbury Theatre Centre has hosted an array of dramatic genres – from classic Shakespearean plays to modern Canadian originals. Grab a seat and immerse yourself in unique stage design, talented local casts, and captivating scripts.

The Theatre also doubles as a community hub. Watch out for their youth drama classes, or join the play-reading club, where you’re granted a behind-the-scenes look at how scripts turn into successful stage productions. The Theatre goes beyond entertainment, offering you ways to broaden your theatrical knowledge and be part of Sudbury’s performing arts community.

In short, a visit to Sudbury isn’t complete without a jump into art, culture, and performance, celebrating the city’s rich depth of creativity and artistic expression.

Family Fun in Sudbury

Sudbury, Ontario offers a multitude of entertaining activities for every member of your family. Maintaining the thread from the preceding sections, let’s investigate into the joyous family attractions that Sudbury presents, particularly focusing on the delights of Bell Park Walkway and Big Nickel at Dynamic Earth.

Bell Park Walkway

Trail blazing at its finest, Bell Park Walkway provides an endless source of amusement for families. This park, sprawling over 4 km, traces the shoreline of Ramsey Lake. You’re in for a treat of panoramic lake views, vibrant gardens, and a playground for children. Nestled at the heart of Sudbury, it acts as the perfect venue for many community events, hence your visit could coincide with a lively outdoor concert, for an added thrill!

With easy accessibility, the walkway also caters to wheelchair users and prams, ensuring fun for everyone. You might want to consider packing a picnic basket for a delightful outdoor meal, as the park offers numerous picnic spots overlooking the lake.

Big Nickel at Dynamic Earth

Sudbury’s unique and educational attraction, the Big Nickel, resides at Dynamic Earth. This 9-metre high replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel, beckons kids and adults alike. It jumps out as a shining testament to the city’s historical ties to nickel mining. But it’s not just about the giant nickel, Dynamic Earth also educates and entertains families with its exciting underground mine tour.

You’ll plunge seven stories down the mine, starting on a journey through the city’s rich mining heritage. Illuminated by the warm glow of miner’s headlamps, the walls of the mine weave tales of past and present mining experiences. Also, your kids can try their hand at panning for gold, for a bit of hands-on entertainment! You’re bound to leave with a belly full of laughs and minds enriched with knowledge.

As we travel through Sudbury, Ontario, embrace these family-friendly attractions for an unforgettable, fun-packed journey! Remember, Sudbury’s beauty lies in its unique blend of outdoor thrills and cultural charms.

Culinary Delights of Sudbury

Sudbury, Ontario doesn’t only satiate your hunger for arts, culture, and outdoor activities. It’s also a hot spot for tantalising your taste buds. Let’s dive deep into the culinary offerings of this charming city.

Local Restaurants and Cafes

Sudbury’s culinary scene showcases a variety that’ll impress the most discerning foodies among you. Firstly, consider ‘Respect is Burning Kitchen and Bar’. Famous for its Italian flare, this restaurant offers gourmet pizzas worthy of Naples. Another mentionable local eatery includes the ‘Motley Kitchen’, ranked in the city’s top ten cafes. Their omelettes, known for their fluffy texture and perfectly balanced flavours, are a breakfast delight not to miss.

A trip to Sudbury isn’t complete without a visit to ‘Tucos Tacos Lounge’, a vegan treasure lauded for its commodities like jackfruit burritos and vegan poutine, positioning it as one of Ontario’s premier vegan spots.

Restaurant/Cafe Known for
Respect is Burning Kitchen and Bar Authentic Italian cuisine
Motley Kitchen Exquisite breakfast omelettes
Tucos Tacos Lounge Delicious vegan options

Craft Breweries and Wineries

If you’re interested in artisanal brews, Sudbury won’t disappoint either. Firstly, the ‘Sudbury Craft Brewery’ deserves your attention. Recognised for its unique and flavourful ales, it provides a guided tour of its brewing facilities, complemented by tastings of their custom brews.

In contrast, if you’ve more of a wine connoisseur, pencil in some time to visit the ‘Penokean Hills Vineyard’. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Sudbury’s countryside, this winery will treat you to some of Ontario’s most notable organic wines.

Brewery/Winery Known for
Sudbury Craft Brewery Unique artisanal ales
Penokean Hills Vineyard Notable organic wines

With the array of culinary delights available in Sudbury, you’re guaranteed a gastronomic journey you won’t soon forget.


So, you’ve seen what Sudbury, Ontario has to offer. It’s a city that effortlessly combines urban sophistication with outdoor adventure. You can immerse yourself in science at Science North or Dynamic Earth, bask in the beauty of Ramsey Lake and Onaping Falls, or explore the vibrant arts scene at places like the Art Gallery of Sudbury and Sudbury Theatre Centre. Don’t forget the family-friendly attractions, such as the Bell Park Walkway and the Big Nickel. And of course, your taste buds are in for a treat with Sudbury’s thriving culinary scene, featuring local gems like ‘Respect is Burning Kitchen and Bar’, ‘Motley Kitchen’, and ‘Tucos Tacos Lounge’, not to mention the local breweries and wineries. There’s no doubt about it – Sudbury is a city that has something for everyone. It’s time you packed your bags and experienced it for yourself.

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