Exploring Pigeon Lake Ontario: A Guide to Attractions and Activities

Exploring Pigeon Lake Ontario: Top Activities

Water Sports and Boating

Immersing yourself in the clear waters of Pigeon Lake, Ontario, adorning a life-jacket, you’ll find an array of water-based activities to engage in. Paddle across the tranquil water surface, with canoeing and kayaking, two of the main highlights. For visitors preferring a bit of speed, jet skiing provides both thrill and leisure, giving stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Remember, though, while the water might be enticing, safety unquestionably comes first. So, always remember to wear a life-jacket. Right, let’s proceed to the next act.

Nature Trails and Bird Watching

Exclusively for nature enthusiasts, Pigeon Lake offers an extensive network of trails for hiking. Tramp amidst the lush green forests, breathing in the fresh air, filling not just your lungs, but your soul. Not sure where to start? The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail would be a great pick.

Surrounded by towering trees, you’re bound to spot a variety of local and migratory birds. If you’re lucky, you might even see the Scarlet Tanager or the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Remember, birdwatching requires patience, so pick a spot, settle down, keep quiet and let nature show her beauty. Now, isn’t that a thrill on its own.

These mentioned activities are merely a start. Pigeon Lake, Ontario, proves every minute that it’s not just a destination – it’s an experience. Replete with beauty, adventure, and serenity, there’s so much to explore, that one visit will leave you wanting more. So, why wait? Plan your visit now – adventure awaits.

Dining and Accommodation Options Near Pigeon Lake

After a day packed with adventure, you’d relish a hearty meal and a comfortable place to rest, wouldn’t you? Pigeon Lake caters to your culinary cravings and accommodation needs as well. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Local Eateries to Try

The area boasts an array of local eateries, each claiming to offer the tastiest fare. Stroll down the streets to discover charming cafés, exquisite restaurants, and funky food joints.

  1. The Water’s Edge restaurant, situated by the lake-side, offers delicious seafood – a lip-smacking lobster bisque, for instance.
  2. Trattoria Gusto, an elegant Italian eatery, excels in rich pasta dishes such as pumpkin ravioli in sage butter sauce.
  3. If you’ve a hankering for baked goods, make a beeline for Jack’s bakery and Pastry. The cinnamon rolls, fresh out of the oven, are unmissable.

Sampling the local cuisine is an adventure in itself, as you savor flavours indigenous to the region.

Staying Overnight: Lodges and B&Bs

When it comes to lodging, Pigeon Lake doesn’t disappoint. Below are a few handpicked accommodation options you might want to consider for that cosy night’s sleep.

  1. Lucien Motel: This motel affirms affordability and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. With free Wi-Fi, ample parking and a quaint décor, it’s a steal if you’re travelling on a budget.
  2. Eganridge Resort, Golf Club & Spa: Opt for this luxury resort if you fancy lavish amenities. A golf course, a wellness spa, and even an award-winning restaurant – isn’t it a vacation on its own?
  3. Lake Edge Cottages: Privately nestled away from the hustle and bustle, these cottages offer tranquillity along with stunning lake views. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal, does it?

Remember, accommodation books up quickly. So, don’t forget to reserve a room ahead of your visit. Pigeon Lake has so much to offer—all it asks is that you take a moment to relish it.

Family-Friendly Activities Around Pigeon Lake

Understanding that Pigeon Lake caters to a wide range of interests, let’s focus in on some specific, family-friendly activities that will keep the whole clan entertained.

Visits to Local Farms

Immerse yourselves into the healthy lap of nature by touring local farms. McLean Berry Farm, for instance, offers berry picking events during the summer and pumpkin festivals in fall. At Providence Bay, enjoy an interactive experience at LoonSong Garden where you can participate in farming practices. Google highlights both as top-rated destinations, emphasizing their well-reviewed educational tours and interactive farming. By starting on these excursions, you not only gain hands-on farming experience but also get a feel for the laborious tasks behind the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

Mini-Golf and Other Games

Generations vary but fun doesn’t. Whether it’s your five-year-old kid or seventy-year-old grandmother, everyone can enjoy a game of mini-golf. Kawartha Mini Golf, one of the highest-rated, provides an inclusive family fun-time experience. While the kids enjoy mini-golf, adults can take advantage of the in-house ice cream bar.

Apart from this, you can make the most of your family vacation by exploring the Ennismore Bowling Lanes. With automated bumper bowling lanes, it’s a great place for families to participate in friendly competition. TripAdvisor reviewers frequently praise it for being an excellent family environment with courteous staff.

Remember, family trips are all about creating lasting memories. So, don’t let the opportunity to explore these wonderful family-friendly sites near Pigeon Lake slip by.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

More than just mother nature’s oasis, Pigeon Lake steps up its game when the seasons change. Marked by unique events and thrilling festivals, it’s a showcase of delightful community spirit and cultural diversity. Let’s jump into the seasonal hotspots transforming Pigeon Lake into a year-round extravaganza.

Buckhorn Harvest Craft Show

Held annually as autumn foliage showers the land, the Buckhorn Harvest Craft Show provides insight into local traditions. Crafts enthusiasts flock here, lured by over 120 stalls packed with artistic creations, homely goods, and adorable knick-knacks. Remember to visit, where shopping meets local heritage.


Embrace your winter-loving spirit and swing by PolarFest, Selwyn’s annual winter festival. Set against Pigeon Lake’s frosty world, the event features ice sculpting exhibits, sleigh rides, and even a polar plunge for the brave. So, don’t miss out, bundle up and join the winter fun.

Lakefield Jazz Art Craft Festival

As summer hits its stride, the sweet vibes of Jazz music reverberate across Pigeon Lake during the Lakefield Jazz Art Craft Festival. Jazz enthusiasts and art connoisseurs congregate here for an immersive day of spectacular music, visual arts and crafts. Be sure to bookmark this event for your upcoming summer visits.

Remember, these vibrant seasonal festivities represent only the crest of the wave that is Pigeon Lake’s dynamic cultural offering. Indulge yourself, make new friends, and most importantly, create memories that’ll last a lifetime.


So, you’ve got a myriad of things to keep you entertained near Pigeon Lake, Ontario. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a culture vulture, there’s something for everyone. The lake’s natural beauty and the variety of activities from water sports to hiking and bird watching are sure to captivate you. The local farms, mini-golf, and bowling offer great family-friendly fun. Don’t forget the vibrant seasonal events, like the Buckhorn Harvest Craft Show, PolarFest, and the Lakefield Jazz Art Craft Festival. They’re a testament to the area’s rich community spirit and cultural diversity. Remember, no matter the season, Pigeon Lake is always ready to welcome you with open arms and a host of experiences. So, when are you planning your visit?

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